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Welcome to MapIt.Horowhenua

MapIt.Horowhenua is a mapping system that allows you to view geographic data and information about properties in the Horowhenua District. The information available includes property, district plan, water and drainage services, and aerial photography.

We welcome your feedback on the information available in MapIt.Horowhenua. Please let us know if there is other information you would like to see on a map. Likewise, we know there potentially are errors and omissions in the information we have provided. If you come across an error, or can fill in a gap, please let us know by contacting Council's GIS staff on (06) 366 0999 or email

Aerial Imagery Updated

Aerial imagery has been updated to include the latest 2016 aerial imagery flown for Council over the 2016 summer period. The imagery provides high resolution urban imagery over a greatly expanded area.

At this stage it is available only on the General Information map. This will be extended as our new WebMap solution is developed and launched later in 2017.


MapIt.Horowhenua is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+. If you are using another browser such as Firefox, Mozilla or Safari you can still use MapIt.Horowhenua but it will be less interactive. We recommend using Internet Explorer whenever you use MapIt.Horowhenua.
Please note MapIt.Horowhenua uses ‘pop-up’ browser windows. Some users block pop-up windows from opening on their screen by using tools within their web browser or by using third party ‘toolbar’ add-on software. Please ensure pop-ups are not blocked on your particular browser for MapIt.Horowhenua.
Your browser also allows viewing a webpage at different zoom scales for example 125%. MapIt.Horowhenua works best at 100% zoom scale.

MapIt.Horowhenua is optimized for use with high-speed internet and is not suitable for dial-up users.

For further information on compatibility see the System requirements.

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MapIt.Horowhenua requires an add-on to be installed on your computer before it can work correctly. The Adobe Flash Player should automatically download the first time you use this website. If it doesn’t, please go to the Adobe website.

When prompted, accept the licence agreement and install the viewer. You may need to restart your browser. If you choose not to install the viewer MapIt.Horowhenua will not work as intended.

User guide

Please read our User Guide (PDF, 2.5Mb) to understand how MapIt.Horowhenua works. If you require further assistance, please contact the Council's GIS staff on (06) 366 0999 during normal business hours or email

Conditions of Use

This website ("MapIt.Horowhenua") contains information about properties in the Horowhenua District and is provided by the Horowhenua District Council ("council") as a public service.

As a user of MapIt.Horowhenua you need to be aware of and accept all of the conditions of use before you can access these maps.


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